Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Characters Should Include These Top 7 Picks

Players are waiting for the release of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite next year. As of now, the full roster of which Marvel heroes and Capcom characters is still unknown. That did not stop fans from wishing their favorites to be included.   

Who Are The 7 Marvel Characters Hoping To See In Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite?

Since Marvel's characters are larger in number than Capcom, players have chosen seven they want to include in the roster of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. First, they want to see Daredevil in the game. The reason is that his abilities and weapons are fantastic and they think that it is time to introduce him in the game.

Next, fans are hoping for Blade. He is a vampire who is a daywalker and can fight anyone with his amazing skills and sword. Black Panther, who was part of "Captain America: Civil War" movie, is just using his martial arts skill and Vibranium in order to be powerful.

Ant-Man is the next character players want to use in MvC: Infinite. His ability to shrink and to become bigger can definitely be used against any Capcom hero. Vision should be added in Marvel's characters in the game because he is the most powerful Avenger, according to Game Zone.

Of course, players want to see Loki in MvC: Infinite. His powers and magic can defeat any character from Capcom because he can multiply himself. Lastly, Adam Warlock who defeated Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet should definitely be included in the roster.

Who Are The 7 Characters Players Want To See In Capcom Roster?

Players who are fans of Capcom characters also have their own top seven listSamanosuke from Onishuma is a popular choice as his weapons can fight any Marvel hero in the game. Next character is also from Onishuma and that is Nobunaga.

They also wnat to see the demi-god Asura. He is compared to the Hulk because when he gets bigger and angrier, he becomes stronger. They also want to include Vlitra who is the villain in the game. His power to transform to anything he wishes can be useful in any battles in MvC: Infinite.

Next, Frank West from Dead Rising 4 is a request from the fans. The players want to see how the zombie fighter will face the Marvel's heroes. Another popular choice is Arthur from Ghosts N Goblins. The knight has collection of weapons that are compared to Ironman's suit.

Players also want to see Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. She can use her guns and fighting skills in the MvC: Infinite. Lastly, players want to see Wizard of Karma from Breath of Fire. With the wizard's ability to cast any spell, its opponent will have a hard time in trying to defeat it.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is one of the most anticipated games for next year. Players are really curious on who will be part of the game because there are characters they want to use in the game. Hopefully, they will not be disappointed once the game is finally out.

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