Developer id Software Reveals The Reasons Why Doom 4 Was Canceled

Fans were very excited when Doom 4 was first announced. However, the excitement only lead to a huge disappointment. It is because of the game being canceled for nearly unknown reasons. But recently, id Software discussed the major reasons why the most anticipated game was canceled. With this, fans will finally get an explanation as to why the much-anticipated installment was halted when it had a huge potential to become a big hit.

Why Was Doom 4 Canceled?

In the latest episode of the Noclip series, which can be seen down below, fans will be able to watch the discussion of how Doom 4 was canceled. According to id Software, the reason why the game was canceled was because of how it seems to be repetitive, especially in today's type of games. They said that it was a bit too far to the Original Doom.

The developers stated that Doom 4 is like a first-person shooter with a mash up. The game's whole concept was really different than the original that it looked like they were playing a different game. Due to this, they made the call to cancel the production entirely rather than release a game that does not conform to what they and the fans expect.

What Is The Future Of Doom 4?

As of now, there are no announcements about the game, whether it is going to be continued or not. However, rumors suggest that the game might still continue as a different title. This idea is not impossible to happen, though id Software has no comments about it yet. Fans can only expect that the development of Doom 4 will continue.

Meanwhile, fans can try out Doom's 2016 reboot. It is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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