Dead Rising 4 Guide: Key Locations Of Safe Rooms And Lockers In Old Town

Dead Rising 4 Guide: Key Locations Of Safe Rooms And Lockers In Old Town
Lockers and bunkers hide blueprints and other cool stuff you can use in Dead Rising 4. However, you need the keys to them first. Photo : Massive Trigger/YouTube

Keys scattered across the Dead Rising 4 world can give you access to lockers and safe rooms that hold important items, such as blueprints and rare stuff. When you pick up a locker key, the location of that locker will appear on the map. If you get a Zom-B safe key, a blue circle will appear. Go to that area and use the Spectrum Analyzer to find the entrance to a hidden bunker. Here's a list of all key locations in Dead Rising 4 Old Town.

Dead Rising 4 Lockers In Old Town And Their Key Locations

Willamette Taxi Co. Locker: Go to Cochrane's Irish Pub (which also has a safe room). Find the locker key underneath the stairs.

City Hall Archives: Not a locker key per se, but still important. Find it at the abandoned military gate along the street of the City Hall Archives. The key is on the desk.

Big Buck Hardware: There's an empty lot next to the shop. They key should be lying around not too hidden.

Willamette Junkyard Locker: In Case 1, you will get to an area in the Junkyard that is heavily guarded by Obscuris soldiers. You will notice a military crate as you enter said area. The key is in there.

Old Town Fire Hall Locker: Find the Colossus Express Couriers Ltd. office and grab the key inside.

Colossus Express Couriers Ltd. Locker: Look for Buffy's Laundromat. Get the key on the counter.

Construction Site Locker: Between Old Town and North Peak, find the Tornado Convenience Stop. The key should be there.

Dead Rising 4 Zom-B Safe Rooms In Old Town And Their Key Locations

Willamette Gazette Safe Room: Go to the main entrance and enter the room on your left. This is the Old Town Emergency Shelter, which should hold the Zom-B safe key.

B Reddy Insurance Safe Room: Also in Old Town Emergency Shelter, find the medical room. You can find it to your right as you enter. They key is inside the room.

Residential Apartment Safe Room: Find Dodd's Drugs. There's an apartment above it, which you can access by climbing the fire escape behind the shop. Enter the apartment through the window on the third floor. The key is on a table.

Cochrane's Irish Pub Safe Room: The key to the bunker in the basement is also inside the pub. Head to the second floor to find the Zom-B safe key.

McKenzie Auto Safe Room: At the end of Case 1, you will be defeating the Flame Trooper in the junkyard. After which, the Zom-B safe key will be available. You will find it in the same shop.

Bus Depot Safe Room: In the Christmas Tree lot, spot the dumpsters in the back corner. The Zom-B safe key should be next to them.

Did we miss any key in Old Town? Mention it in the comments below. For Willamette Memorial Megaplex lockers and safe rooms key locations, click here. Meanwhile, check out our Dead Rising 4 guides to Melee and Ranged Combo Weapons blueprints locations, which may be inside lockers or safe rooms!

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