Cortana Will Not Only Control Your Phone Or PC But Also Your Smart Home Devices

Microsoft wants the voice assistant 'Cortana' to be a mainstay in your smart home, not only just for smartphones or PCs. As part of a WinHEC presentation, Microsoft's May Ji has announced that Windows 10 Creator Update will bring Cortana to Windows 10 IoT Core devices alongside screens. Together with longer-ranged voice detection or key to Microsoft's Home Hub plans.

You wouldn't have to be anywhere near a PC to use the digital helper, you can also ask your thermostat about the weather or you can add an appointment to your calendar through your very own fridge. Those layouts aren't new, however, Cortana can sync with your smartphone and also Windows PC on a level that isn't possible to most smart home devices.

A Strong Partnership Between Microsoft And Samsung

Not like some tech companies, Samsung and Microsoft have been on intelligently good terms with each other. They have a 30-year background in partnership on Windows devices. At the latest CES conference in Las Vegas, they declared they were both ready to move onto the next level of collaboration.

Check out the video below, where Roper asked Cortana if a washing machine was currently in use. Cortana as a response provided a sounding reply along with an on-screen graphic which showed the cycle's present progress.
More capabilities surrounding other gadgets were then demonstrated. For example, Cortana could be able to tell users how often or and for how long electronic items like televisions and hi-fis were being used by each household member, or also display how much of a fridge's capacity was still even available.

Microsoft Cortana in 2017 What To Expect

Microsoft hopes to see the first Cortana-powered IoT devices releases in late 2017 around the back-to-school or can be holiday shopping seasons. If Microsoft and its device partners hit that aim we could see Cortana-powered devices get in as early as Computex 2017 next May. Stay tuned for more updates.

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