'The Big Bang Theory' Season 10 Episode 11 Spoilers: Bernadette Gives Birth; Baby's Name Revealed?

The famous American sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" is about to air its 11th episode of the show's current season 10 and will reportedly feature the birth of Howard and Bernadette's baby. There have also been speculations on the baby's name.

Howard And Bernadette's Baby's Name Accidentally Revealed In Another Synopsis

There have been numerous spoilers on the most anticipated American sitcom on CBS, "The Big Bang Theory" regarding the lives of the scientists and their loved ones. One of which is Bernadette giving birth to hers and Howard's baby and its name. It has been speculated that the baby will be named Hallie. The name was revealed in a teaser for the forthcoming episode 12 of the series, unintentionally perhaps. Nevertheless, the audience got a glimpse of the baby's name before it was even born.

The upcoming episode will be entitled "The Birthday Synchronicity" which will feature Bernadette's baby's birth to Amy's birthday, which is the one time of the year wherein the latter and her boyfriend, Sheldon engage in a sexual encounter. Thus, Amy is expected to be excited with this event and has something prepared for it also. She and Sheldon will be heading off to Texas to visit the latter's mother and will be seducing Sheldon in a "Harry Potter" costume. It shall then be known if this could work, or if it could even push through since their friend is about to have a baby.

Upcoming Episodes Of The Season May Finally Get To Feature Howard's Estranged Father

Howard on the other hand starts to feel anxious about becoming a father, just moments before Bernadette gives birth. Thus, this may lead Howard to contact his estranged father who left him when he was a little boy. It has been confirmed by the executive producer of "The Big Bang Theory" may be the bridge that connects Howard to his dad and could be the reason the audience, along with the rest of the characters will finally be able to meet him. Leonard and Penny on the other hand struggle to find a Christmas Tree for the holidays.

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