Apple's Biggest Products To Launch Next Year And Its Sooner Than We Expected

2017 would possibly hold big things in store for Apple. New iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros, perhaps? What could the iPhone 8 look like? And are there any new products we don't even have hints about yet? We round up the speculations and buzz about Apple and make our predictions in 2017.

Predictions for Apple 2017: iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Some speculations about the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S as some have dubbed. It includes some reports Apple could finally unveil wireless charging and ditch the round home button which has been a recycled design for iPhones ever since. iPhone's home button is notorious for losing its ability to work after a few months use, losing it would let the iPhone 8 sport a bigger screen.

Predictions for Apple 2017: Apple Watch 3

Apple unveiled the second generation of its Watch back in September of 2016 that has added GPS, internal upgrades, and also waterproofing to the design. Comes with the WatchOS 3 update which increased performance and also functionality for not only the new models but to the original range as well.

Predictions for Apple 2017: Apple Glasses

Apple's next big wearable might be something worn on the face. who knows? A report said that Apple is working closely on smart glasses that will connect wirelessly to an iPhone. In addition, it could display images and other info to the wearer.

Predictions for Apple 2017: AR And VR

Apple glasses might possibly be the company's first at augmented reality. It has hugely been quiet about the technology that covers the virtual world on top of the real world a good example of which is the Pokemon Go app that has been all the craze right now. CEO Tim Cook has mentioned it interesting, and it's assertive that Apple will do something at some point but the big question is when.

Predictions for Apple 2017: New desktop computers

Apple's computer line more likely the forgotten this member in its family of products. Some devices, like the Mac Pro, haven't been able to update in years. Apple overhauled its laptop line in late 2016 or maybe in 2017 we could finally see some fresh new desktop designs.

Predictions for Apple 2017: iPads Without A Home Button

Apple's iPad line hasn't sold that well for the past few years. The company has been counting on its Pro line with alternatives which is a detachable keyboard case and stylus just to restore the demand, but so far, iPad Pros haven't emanated the two-year drop in iPad unit sales.

Predictions for Apple 2017: MacBooks, MacBooks Pro And MacBook Air

A 12 inch Retina MacBook update. Apple launched it's arguably thin and light 12 inch MacBook way back in March 2015, and the MacBook's first debut saw a solid opportunity to update to various rational specs boosts and a new color option which is rose gold. Instead, we may think there will most likely be an upgrade to Kaby Lake chips on which in turn might open up higher RAM variants.

Predictions for Apple 2017: Software & Services

Well For iOS 11, Apple traditionally announces a new version of iOS in June. Also, followed by the release in the autumn. Apple fans could not wait what the new updates could bring and new features to look forward to.

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