Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mercy Killing Is An Interesting Turn Of Events

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mercy Killing Is An Interesting Turn Of Events
The Galaxy Note 7 story is not yet over. Photo : Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Unfortunately for Samsung, its Note 7 controversy is still far from over. Apparently, the recall process of the said device is still a headline about three months after it all started. The problem with the said recall is that not everyone participated and there are still a number of units out there in the wild. With that said, Samsung has to do something to encourage these users to return their devices once and for all. As what has been making headlines recently, Samsung's upcoming Note 7 updates will render the units useless.

Galaxy Note 7 Bricking Update

Samsung has already released a Note 7 battery-limiting update a couple of months ago. However, it looks like that step isn't enough to get every Note 7 owners to participate in the recall. With that, the company will be pushing a new update in Europe to give the device a 30 percent charging cap, as per GSM Arena. This is on top of the connection-limiting updates that will disallow the phablets to connect to Bluetooth, WiFi, and data. 911 calls are still allowed nonetheless.

US carriers except Verizon are also participating in the said update roll out. Nevertheless, they will be rolling out a more heartless update where the Note 7 will not charge at all. This update will basically make the device useless, and in a word - a brick. With that said, Note 7 users whose phones are bound to be disconnected from all wired and wireless connections, now may be the best time to accept defeat. Unless you want to keep your Note 7 as a souvenir of probably the most talked-about recall in the smartphone world, then returning your phone for a fair amount of replacement and refund should be your next step.

Should You Return Your Galaxy Note 7?

Everyone has a right to do what they want unless the law says otherwise. In the case of the Note 7 recall, it looks like Samsung can only do so much in convincing people to return their units. At this point in time,  it's almost certain that these Note 7 keepers' phones aren't the "exploding type" which may be enough of a point to let them keep it. However, it looks like Samsung isn't taking any risks. These units may seem safe but they can also be just some units that got saved by the battery limiting update or units that are lucky enough to get a careful owner. It's actually hard to blame Samsung for implementing the bricking update for the remaining Note 7 if they only want to be a hundred percent sure of their users' safety. So as a whole, you may or may not return your Note 7 but Samsung's got to do what it's got to do.

How To Return Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - December 2016 Update

Samsung has published a web page that caters to all concerns regarding the returns and replacements of the Galaxy Note 7. The company also lays out its compensation plans for Note 7 returners and they also shared their hotline number in case users want to speak with an actual representative. Note that you can have your Note 7 replaced with a different smartphone (Samsung and non-Samsung phones allowed) or get a refund.

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