Ariana Grande And Mac Miller Get Steamy In 'My Favorite Part' Music Video

Celebrity lovebirds Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are flirty in the latter’s new music video. Miller recently dropped his video for “My Favorite Part” featuring his beau, Ariana. Coupled with a song about love, it seemed like they need not act in the said video as the spark between the two cannot be hidden.

The said music video started off into a black and white scene, copying the early silent movies where lines said cannot be heard but instead flashed on the screen. The video moves on to a colored scene, inspired from the popular tale where Alice stepped into the Oz. Despite being shown in different rooms, the couple just can’t seem to get their hands off each other.

Ariana also donned her usual sexy daring outfit as she sang her parts lying on the bed. The video ended with Ariana pulling Mac Miller into her room and everything is left to the viewer’s imagination. The lyrics of the song quite suits the two since it is about complimenting each other and how the relationship is not something they have to rush.

Mac Miller and Ariana just started dating earlier this year and based on their public displays of affection, may it on be social networking sites, paparazzi shots, or even live performances, the pair is evidently head over heels for each other. There have been reports earlier that the two have even considered marriage even at this early stage of their relationship. They admitted that they both had so much in common and that they have even talked about how the wedding would turn out.

My Favorite Part” is a song released by American rapper, Mac Miller, featuring Ariana for the vocals. The said song was released as the third single from his fourth studio album, “The Divine Feminine”, which was officially released in September 2016. This is not the only collaboration the couple made as they also released “The Way”, which was part of Ariana’s album, “Yours Truly”. This song was released in 2013, when the couple were not yet dating.

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