HMD Finally Unveils The New Nokia Phone And It's Only $26

Nokia is back in town but not everyone is impressed.

HMD Global Oy, or simply HMD, has returned with a couple of new Nokia handsets, the Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual Sim.

According to its trailer, the Nokia 150 boasts of having a polycarbonate design that makes the phone durable. It also has a built-in FM radio and a rear speaker that provides loud yet clear sound. It has a VGA camera with LED flash for capturing photos and shooting videos which can then be shared through Bluetooth. The new Nokia device also has a micro-USB port, built-in torch light, and pre-installed games that the user can play as long as possible thanks to the battery's long life.

But what's most striking about the Nokia 150 is its front.

It sports a 2.4" screen positioned on top of an alphanumeric keypad just like the phones its old phones. Nokia still refuses to shift to touch screen opting for that classic look they were known for. In a way, the nostalgic feeling of tapping on those little keys may persuade some to purchase the handset but so far, the odds are against them. But it must be noted that Nokia still remains popular in some parts of the world, particularly in India.

It has been quite a while since Nokia last released a phone after lording over the phone industry for years. The company's undoing was its reluctance or maybe incapability to go with the flow. When the touch screen tech slowly took over, Nokia stubbornly did not adapt. That led to the makers of the iconic Nokia 3210 to cease their phone manufacturing branch and focus on other endeavors, particularly telecom network equipment.

The 150 and 150 Dual Sim handsets are technically not Nokia's first phones in a decade. Nokia last partnered with Microsoft to produce the Nokia 216. But the handset was not well-received and later dropped completely. The partnership between the two companies eventually fell apart, according to Digital Trends.

With the unveiling of the Nokia 150, the company hopes to rekindle interest in an otherwise overcrowded industry. But at this juncture, critics are not convinced even if the handsets cost a mere $26.

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