Microsoft Criticizes The 'MacBook Pro' As A Big Disappointment, But Why?

These criticisms are mainly focused on the laptop's overall design. A lot of experts, analysts, and even Apple fans think that some features that were incorporated on the 2016 MacBook Pro are very unnecessary to say the least, which is also the reason why they think that the MBP's luxurious price is also a bit too much.

Apple is getting criticisms here and there

Because of this a lot of companies also took a jab at Apple's latest laptop, one including Microsoft. Microsoft says it saw lots of positive results in selling Surface tablets and laptops in November, which is in part thanks to a majority of people abandoning the Mac. The company also doesn't mince words:

People switching towards the Surface

More and more people are switching from the MacBook to the Surface than ever before. According to Microsoft in a recent blog post, their trade-in program for MacBooks was their best decision yet, and the combination of excitement for the revamped Surface, along with the disappointment of the new MacBook Pro, is leading more and more people to make the diversion towards Surface.

The general public favoring on the Surface than the MacBook was so severethat new reviewsregarding the recommending Surface over MacBook is coming out on a daily basis. This made Microsoft more than proud of the milestone they reached, and didn't even give any second thoughts on boasting itself over Apple.

Apple not making any moves

With all this being said, a lot of people, especially the Apple fans, have been waiting for Apple response on this issue. But so far, Apple has remained content and are not showing any indications that they are going to make some significant changes on their newly released MacBook Pro.

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