'Poldark' Season 3 Spoilers: George Warleggan Seeks Revenge, Abandons Elizabeth's Child With Ross

'Poldark' Season 3 is all set to have its release next year. After what had happened on the previous installments, fans are asking what could happen next with the characters that have faced a lot of issues before. Sources told that all the lead stars of the show are also making a huge return in the series. With all of this, are we expecting the best season ever?

Poldark Season 3 Spoilers and News Updates: Here's What Would Happen to George, Elizabeth and Ross

Creators of the show told that the third installment of 'Poldark' would revolve around the dramas that remain untold during the past seasons. Fans should expect that more twists, turns and revelations would form part of the series. This is mainly because of the actions that Ross did during the past season.

Sources stated that the effects and consequences of what happened in the past would be felt in the upcoming installment. Furthermore, reports admitted that many characters would be greatly affected by this, may it be good or bad.

One major turning point that would bring in the thrill on the show is the feud that could be made between Ross and George Warleggan. It was remembered that George did everything that he could to destroy the life of Ross, even marrying the person that the latter one loves: Elizabeth.

Poldark Season 3 News Update: Here's What Could Happen To Ross Because Of What He Did

According to Movie News Guide, many fans have formulated consequences that could happen on the lead character's life. It was speculated that George will do everything that he can to find ways to seek revenge on Ross.

Even before the times that Ross did nothing, George already managed to put him on trial. With this, it is never impossible for George to do it once more.

Also, the child that Elizabeth is bearing could be the point of revenge for George. It was believed that the character would do dangerous measure to end the life of the child.

Make sure to not forget 'Poldark' Season 3 next year.

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