Top Wireless Earphones/Earbuds For 2016

Ripple Buds
A photo of a man wearing the Ripple Buds. Photo : Incredibles !/YouTube

In today's culture, not everyone can get by without sporting their own pair of earphones or earbuds. Everywhere we go, we're bound to see individuals listening through them. And with the recent rise to popularity of wireless earphones that gets rid of those annoying phone/laptop-tugging-hazards, we've compiled a list of the top earphones and earbuds for 2016.

Ripple Buds

This smart and wireless ear bud device is equipped with an in-ear microphone that lets the user clearly capture voice from inside the ear drum. Using state-of-the-art noise blocking technology, this device creates a two-way path for sound waves and lets the user both hear and speak with just a single button. This device also lets the user's smartphone voice recognition such as Siri have less interference when trying to give commands. The price of this device is $129.


This wireless ear bud device represents the best of how it fits the user's ear, signal strength, sound quality and battery life. One of the best features of this device is that the user can charge it at the same time when charging their phone with the SkyBud's smartphone case. Meaning, the user won't have the need to carry around a separate charging device for this wireless device. It also has a number of interchangeable butt tips so that users can pick to choose what butt tip fits perfect in their ears. The price tag of this device is $249.


This wireless device has the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. This device is perfect for music lovers. Not only is it comfortable for the ear, its Kleer technology was designed to feature lossless, uncompressed, high quality and stereo free audio. The price tag of this device is $349.


This wireless device also fits so perfectly in the ear that users won't have any problems or whatsoever when wearing this device and moving around such as dancing, playing sports, and all kinds of activities. This device features great sensitivity, superb audio quality, and great battery life that can last up to 8 hours. The price of this device is $149.


This wireless device is equipped with high-quality speakers that seamlessly fit into your ears. Like the other previous wireless devices mentioned, this device also has the perfect combination of comfort and high-quality music experience. The price tag of this device is $244.

Erato Appollo 7

This device is one of the most wireless compact earphones ever made. Noted for its great quality sound, this device will surely please its users. This device comes in with a sleek aluminum case with a built-in lithium battery that makes the headphones easy and convenient to store. The casing also acts as a charger for the device. This device also has a waterproof feature that makes it perfect for any activity. The price tag of this device is $299.

Apple AirPods

This wireless device at first glance looks like any standard earpods. Each earbud has its own battery and antenna and communicates independently. One thing great about this device is its smart feature that knows when it's being placed into or taken out of an ear, allowing the music to be paused automatically when removed.

Of course, given that it is made by Apple, this feature has no problems whatsoever in connecting with iPhones. Not only does this device is capable of pairing with the iPhone, it is also capable of pairing with Apple watches and iPad devices. The price of this device is only $159.

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