Chris Evans Is The Most Profitable Movie Star; Actor To Star In New ‘Jekyll’ Series

Anybody who wants to make a production, may it be independent or not, should place their bets on Chris Evans to star in it. Apparently, the said heartthrob celebrity has been hailed the most bankable movie star this year. This is his second year in a row to be given such title.

All of the movies Chris Evans have starred in had raked in great profit, for him and the production. No wonder, Walt Disney would not think twice paying him and the rest of his co-stars in the popular Marvel film series. Evans has snatched the top spot once again on Forbes' list of the Hollywood best actors for the buck, meaning the best choice of actor any sane producer would invest a movie in.

The Forbes list, as usual, took into consideration the three latest film where the actors starred in before June 2016. This excluded those productions where they had small parts, made a cameo in, and even animated films. Looking at Evan’s belt, he starred in the latest Marvel film, of course, which is the highly acclaimed “Captain America: Civil War” for bringing in together a lot of Marvel superhero characters.

Captain America: Civil War” did so well on the box office that in North America alone, it grossed $408.1 million and by May 2016, it has already earned a total of $737.8 million, surpassing even the record of the second Captain America movie, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, which grossed a total of $714.4 million. The said latest movie cleared $1 billion at the global box office that Evans became a box office hero for an actor that returned $135.80 for every $1 his movies made.

Being the most profitable actor that he is, Evans is also known as a versatile one and because of that, it has been reported that he has landed the role of Jekyll in the adaptation of BBC television series, “Jekyll", which was released in 2007. Nothing more has been revealed yet except that it will be mini-series starring Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There are reports now saying that “Zombieland” director, Ruben Fleischer is keen on making a movie of it instead.

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