Nissan Recalls Altima, Leaf, Pathfinder, Sentra, JX35 And Infiniti For Airbag And Fuel Tank Defects

Nissan is issuing a recall for five of its models, after discovering a potential problem in the cars’ airbags.

The problem is in the cars’ occupant detection system, and Nissan claims the system may have been faultily constructed.

A car’s ODS determines whether someone is sitting in a seat, and can distinguish between different sizes of people. In the event of an accident, this means that an airbag will not deploy if the passenger is below a certain weight, ensuring that the airbag won’t injure a child or small adult in the seat. But the malfunction in these Nissans can keep the airbag from deploying regardless of the passenger’s weight.

The recall affects the Nissan Altima, LEAF, Sentra, Pathfinder and the Infiniti JX35, all from the 2013 model year, reports the Wall Street Journal. Nissan doesn’t know how many cars are affected by the faulty ODS. The company has produced 87,094 of the affected vehicles this year, but the recall also affects the 2013 cars built in 2012.

The ODS malfunction is not the only reason for a Nissan recall. The company is also recalling 2013 392 Sentras. These vehicles are said to potentially have leaking fuel tanks, caused by faulty seals made during manufacturing. The scope of this recall is much smaller though, and only affects cars built from Sept. 11, 2012 to Oct. 2, 2012.

Drivers that bring in their recalled cars will have their ODS sensors checked by Nissan dealers and faulty sensors will be replaced. The ODS recall should begin next month. Nissan will also replace faulty fuel tanks free of charge. That recall is expected to begin later this month.

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