Death Stranding Hints Of Heading Towards VR

When Death Stranding presented its debut trailer during the PlayStation Expo 2016, many were impressed and, at the same time, happy to see Hideo Kojima back in the game. Now, the game is slowly gaining hype, thanks to a newly released second trailer that keep the gaming community speculating. The latest of these rumors and speculations is that Kojima might be planning to put Death Stranding on the VR platform.

The rumors that Death Stranding is headed towards VR comes from the fact that Kojima is a big fan of the platform. In fact, he commended those who are developing games for the VR platform saying that they are doing it right. He added that VR developers are doing things that are not possible before.

In the interview, he also mentioned that he won't say anything regarding VR for fear that other people might copy it.

"They see VR as an extension of traditional games, but I think it is not. If I said what they should do, then people will just copy that thing, so I won't say it here," Kojima said.

He also said that since VR now has no frame which makes it more interactive. This opens up a lot of possibilities which seemed to be impossible a few years back. He also said that he would love to explore the area while "no one is at it yet."

If the interpretation is correct, then Kojima could indeed be developing Death Stranding for VR and be the first one to break grounds. It might also be the reason why they want the game's visuals to be as more realistic as possible since that element can be a huge plus should the game go VR.

Everything is not clear yet and Kojima fans will just have to wait whether or not he plans to make Death Stranding headed towards VR or not.

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