Destiny 2 Release Date, Update: New Guardians And Subclassess Will Be Added? Here's What We Know

Bungie is currently developing Destiny 2. There are rumors that the developer will be releasing the sequel to Destiny next year. The fans have formulated some theories on what they can expect in the sequel such as new characters that might be introduced in the upcoming game.

Destiny 2 Might Be Having New Guardians And Additional Subclasses

Destiny 2 is expected to be available at the end of 2017. It is rumored to have a new set of guardians to be part of the game. The fans are saying that the sequel might have a better gameplay with the introduction of the new characters.

Also, the subclasses will give Destiny 2 a better RPG gameplay because players might be able to customize each subclass. The players have also asked Bungie to include the background of Solar, Arc and Void in the sequel. The reason behind this is that they want the developers to change how the leveling system in the game works.

Players should expect that Bungie will let them interact with other players in Destiny 2, which will happen with the help of dialogue choice system. The developer might add it because Titanfall 2 and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End have both integrated the system in the game.

Destiny 2 Is To Have A Better And Larger Arena Than Its Predecessor?

Players have been thinking on what will be the newest features of Destiny 2 since the rumored screenshots of the most anticipated sequel were teased by Bungie. According to Kotaku, the game might be set on Jupiter or Saturn. If this is true, the arena can be expected to be bigger.

Destiny 2 is already looking out to be better than its predecessor because PC players will have the chance to enjoy the sequel. The fans are really excited if the upcoming game will be different and are curious how it will connect to the story that was introduced in Destiny.

As of now, Bungie has yet to release official announcements regarding Destiny 2. All that players can do is to just wait and form speculations on how the game will be improved. Also, players are wishing for their requests to be part of the game because they believe that their suggestions will provide produce a fantastic gameplay.

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