At Long Last! HIV ‘Cure’ Finally Discovered? Details Inside

Scientists and health experts alike have long been perplexed about the cure that can gradually eliminate HIV and AIDS viruses. In their latest research, Nigerian scientists and researchers at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU), Abia state have recently made a breakthrough discovery when they found the solution for the dreaded HIV/AIDS disease. With their discovery using nanotechnology, experts claim that that the disease may potentially soon be eradicated.

Nanotechnology: The Cure For HIV?

According to reports revealed by Yibada, it was found that the study was spearheaded by Prof. Maduike Ezeibe, who is a renowned professor of Veterinary Medicine. The researchers believe that such cure is unique in itself, for it utilizes nanotechnology to create a so-called nanomedication. In conducting their study, Ezeibe highlighted the importance of size in order to fully combat HIV and AIDS. Nigerian national newspaper, It has been reported that HIV could be as small as 110nm that is why it may easily cross physiological barriers. Researchers explain that the nanoparticles of HIV make it easier for the infection to hide in cells of the brain, bone marrow and testes. Having such case, existing antiretroviral medicines with bigger molecules are having a hard time reaching such portion of the body where HIV nanoparticles may hide.

However, as per NAIJ, although Ezeibe spoke with journalists and lamented the lukewarm attitude of Nigeria's health authorities to his discovery, he reveals that since 2014 when he was given the national patent right, the government had not done anything about commercializing the discovery. The Professor further adds that the medicine that he had discovered to have antiretroviral properties had been in use.

On the other hand, Ezeibe and his team has highly emphasized that since Aluminum-magnesium Silicate  (AMS) molecular platelets (nanoparticles) are smaller (0.96nm) than HIV, the nanoparticles cross physiological barriers to act on all body cells. However, experts believe that with the newly presented discovery coming from Nigeria, interest among the medical doctors and experts worldwide was aroused. Ultimately, this research breakthrough is seen as a great potential stop of the mortality of HIV and AIDS, which according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) statistical data already took 1.1 million lives in 2015.

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