Car Vending Machine Just Opened In Houston

We all love startup tech companies. Most of them offer services and technology that we could only find in books and in movies. Carvana, a startup tech company, just opened a vending machine that dispenses cars. Yes, cars can now be bought in the same manner as you but Pepsi or a bag of chips.

Not The First, But The Biggest Car Vending Machine

The Carvana coin-operated vending machine was first launched in November of 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, and later opened the fist fully automated car vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee last year. Customers can choose and buy their cars online to pick up the next day. A Carvana branded coin is given on the day of pick-up, which in turn the customer can insert in the vending machines slot to pick up the car.

Everything Is Big In Texas Quote Inspired The Facility

The west Houston coin-operated vending machine is located at the Katy freeway and is just west of Beltway 8. The all glass structure holds 30 vehicles with four delivery bays. The facility, or vending machine, is three stories taller than the machine located in Nashville. The founder and CEO of Carvana, Ernie Garcia, said that they received a ton of positive feedback from their Nashville site that they were compelled to share the experience with other states. Garcia stated "As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, so our first Car Vending Machine in the state had to reflect that mantra. We're incredibly excited to show just how fun and stress-free buying a car can be with Carvana."

The company truly brings a unique and fun way of buying cars online. This innovation keeps purchasing cars hassle-free. Avoiding car dealerships that are only concerned in making a profit can save precious time, and the purchase processing gives the customers the freedom to choose for themselves. Consumers can only hope that their location can have this same fun facility, at least for now.

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