WWE Updates: The Shield Reunion, The Club Will Dethrone New Day

New Day, The Club and The Shield segment - WWE Tribute To The Troops 2016
New Day, The Club and The Shield segment - WWE Tribute To The Troops 2016 Photo : Italo Santana / YouTube

Yesterday’s show, WWE Tribute To The Troops just shattered some of the ratings in television. WWE Tribute To The Troops is a yearly event by WWE which focuses in entertaining the men and women in the military

Tribute To The Troops

Tribute To The Troops has been a stamp in WWE history. This is their way to say thank you to the men and women in military in protecting their country. Last night’s show just proves the testament of each WWE Superstar. They gave their best performance to entertain the crowd and in return, they were able to hear the massive roar of appreciation from the WWE Universe.

Major Plots Introduced Last Night

As mentioned, last night’s show was off the hook. There are multiple plots showcased during Tribute To The Troops and we are going to check it one by one. Enzo as we all know, has a crush on Lana. The enigmatic wrestler tried his very best to win Lana but he has to go through Rusev. It is fully documented that Lana and Rusev are married already. Well, Enzo doesn’t really give a damn about it. Chasing Lana has been an obsession of Enzo, which usually leads him to trouble. We’ve seen Enzo got beaten badly by The Bulgarian Brute Rusev numerous times but he doesn’t care about it. Not only he has Big Cass on his side, the leader of the Roman Empire, The United States Champion, Roman Reigns also aided Enzo.

The Shield Mini Reunion

We are not sure yet if WWE will pull up the biggest surprise of the year. However, we saw a glimpse of The Shield back on the same page. Their mini reunion started when New Day were bragging about being the best team in WWE history. On a side note, New Day was able to break the record of Demolition(who should be in the Hall Of Fame already) as the longest tag team champions in WWE history. Now going back with being the best team, The Club interrupted New Day and rest their case. Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and The Phenomenal One AJ Styles(WWE Heavyweight Champion) said that they are the best group in the world.

Then The Club was visibly stunned as they blankly stare on the right side. The New Day then mimic The Club but they didn’t know that they were looking at The Shield. Arguably one of the greatest faction in WWE, reunited in one epic moment. Seth Rollins laugh his heart out when The Club and New Day claimed that they were the best. Dean Ambrose then asked Roman Reigns if they believe The Club and New Day were the best, Reigns just chuckled and The Shield walkaway.

The Club Will Defeat New Day

Now that the record is already broken. Some fans and insiders believe that the reign of New Day will soon come to end. The only reason why they were pushed to the limits is because, WWE want to eclipse the record of Demolition. There are a lot of issues between Demolition and WWE. This is the main reason why they are not yet in the Hall Of Fame. As reported 3 months ago, The Club will defeat New Day and will be crowned as the new tag team champions.

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