Here's Why Overwatch Fans Aren't Happy With Blizzard Now

At long last, the highly anticipated Christmas update has arrived to Overwatch. And as expected from Blizzard, a good number of brand new skins have been released. While most are definitely interesting, one that caught the ire of the community is Mei's Legendary skin. Of course, it can't be undone.

According to GameSpot, the reason why so many fans hate the hero's new look is the fact that it doesn't resemble any difference. That, in one way or another, it still appears to be similar to her regular skin in the game. Surprisingly, director Jeff Kaplan finally broke the silence and offered his two cents.

On the official forum site of Overwatch, Kaplan apologized to the community. "Sorry you are disappointed with Mei's winter skin," he wrote. He pointed that, contrary to popular belief, the studio doesn't have any sort of "rule" when it comes to creating Legendary and/or Epic skins. For them, it's more of a "gut call" based on what they think is acceptable and cool enough. Well, unfortunately, for the fans, it's nothing near to coolness. Nevertheless, Kaplan admitted that they went a little off with the hero's skin.

It's worth noting that among the heroes, Zarya is the only one who owns an Epic skin. For Blizzard, the added effects Mei's skins feature, it should be enough to be categorized as a Legendary. Kaplan iterated that the reasoning behind it is the fact that they "redid" the entire visual effects of the character's Cryo-Freeze. For them, it's already special. Heck, he even went to say that the concept was based on the suggestions they gathered directly from the community.

Apparently, almost all Overwatch fans aren't happy with the end result. Nonetheless, as what Kaplan said, it's a good thing to have. It's there to remind them of what to do exactly in the future. The good news, though, is that Mei will be getting "something pretty awesome" come early 2017. Players just need to hope it turns out great when that time arrives.

What are your thoughts on Mei's new Legendary skin in Overwatch? Are you also unsatisfied? What's your reason behind it? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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