Surface Phone Features: Microsoft To Deliver On Quality Branding

Earlier this year, when Microsoft announced that it would hold a Windows 10 event in October, the tech world eagerly waited for the day to come. During that time, hype for the Surface Phone grew and grew, but the device was not announced then. In lieu of an official unveiling, leaks and rumors have started to surface about the upcoming handheld's specs, features and design.

As Inquisitr notes, the Surface Phone will run on a full version of Windows 10. This will apparently be supported by Qualcomm-built Snapdragon processors, which will help bring the Windows 10 experience from the desktop to a handheld. Though this system will definitely be new to the market, it does not guarantee that it will be well received by consumers.

The idea of the Redmond-based company really seems to be integration. That is, it wants to produce a working ecosystem that allow its mobile devices - smartphone, tablet and laptop included - to work together harmoniously. This, according to Forbes, is evident in the company's attempts to bridge the gap between PCs and tablets.

This might be a risky move, but the publication nevertheless note that the Surface Phone will help Microsoft boost its revenues, especially because its recent Surface devices have been incredibly well received. The publication goes on to say that if the company plays it smart - and targets the premium segment of the market - that it could obtain a significant share in the market. Currently, Apple and Samsung still reign in the industry.

The Surface Phone is expected to come with a 5.7 inch screen and could cost as much as US$1,100. The handheld should be released sometime within the first half of 2017, though it has not been confirmed. However, a device is definitely in the making, as CEO Satya Nadella has already hinted the existence of the smartphone.

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