Blizzard Mountain Review: Same Old Forza Horizon 3, Only Different Location

Playground Games has pulled off the snow-filled Blizzard Mountain winter event in Forza Horizon 3 in many ways. The race tracks that's full of reality injected into it is something that fans should take notice of. It isn't all new however as the game already is impressive even before this expansion came.

Forza Horizon 3 - Blizzard Mountain Location

Forza Horizon 3 features a new content, a great expansion to the already great game. It was a puzzle at first when Playground Games announced the first major expansion of the racer as to where players might be brought for a winter-themed race. Little did everyone know, Australia offers more than deserts and rainforests.

The idea of dangling cars and players from a cargo chopper and set off to the snowy outback in the land down under is pretty impressive. Blizzard Mountain is just a miniature of the game with smaller area (50 roads) and less activities to do (26 races) complemented with Forza Horizon 3's signature danger jumps, speed zones, bucket list challenges, stars collection, etc. Overall, the weather is the sole takeaway of the content.

Forza Horizon 3 - Blizzard Mountain Price And Cars

User feedback is of utmost importance. It defines the game's performance as well as the developer's efforts pressed into it. By far, players on Xbox One and PC have come to agree that Blizzard Mountain didn't disappoint in terms of performance. Downloadable contents on Forza Horizon 3 don't come free of charge. Some were irked, others were receptive. At price rate $19.99, it seems too much of a price for an expansion.

In terms of the vehicles, Blizzard Mountain allows you to use any car of your choice from your garage which is good. However, the new cars revealed for Forza Horizon 3 seem to be a great fit for the winter expansion. Overall, Playground Games did a great job with the first major expansion for the game. Blizzard Mountains makes players want to wait for the next DLC.

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