Super Mario Run Guide: How To Unlock All Playable Characters

Super Mario Run players have the choice to use other characters besides Mario such as Luigi, Peach, Toad, Toadette and Yoshi. All they have to do is follow this guide that can help them to unlock all the classic characters in the game.

Super Mario Run: Toad

Players need to know what are the requirements of Super Mario Run so that they can use the other five characters in the game. The easiest character to unlock is Toad. According to GameSpot, players can use Toad without buying the full game for $10.

All they have to do is connect their app to My Nintendo account and Toad will be rewarded to them. Once they have successfully linked their app, they will receive a notification that they have received the character already.

Super Mario Run: Peach

If the players want to unlock the four remaining characters in Super Mario Run, all they have to do is complete some requirements. As per Mic, Peach is only unlocked once they have completed every level in main tour mode.

Super Mario Run: Yoshi

If players want Yoshi, all they have to do is build his house in the Kingdom Builder mode, which requires they need 30 yellow and 30 red toads. To acquire these creatures, they must join the Toad Rally mode.

Super Mario Run: Luigi

Just like Yoshi, Luigi will be unlocked once the player has built his home. They must earn 150 purple and 150 green toads to build it.

Super Mario Run: Toadette

Toadette's challenge to the players is very hard because they can only use the character after earning 200 red, 200 blue, 200 green, 200 purple and 200 yellow Toads. They can get these by participating in the Toad Rally mode frequently.

Super Mario Run is very different from its other versions because a lot of new gimmicks and challenges were introduced by Nintendo in the game. Hopefully, this guide serves players well into fully maximizing the offerings of the game.

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