Clash Royale December Update Released; Brings Major Card Buffs And Changes

Supercell is ready to update Clash Royale. The update will provide a set of new cards and other game features to upgrade the game. The players just received the first update of the game last Dec. 15 and will get the next update next month.

Supercell To Bring Improvement To Some Cards In Clash Royale

The first major update for this month on Clash Royale includes upgrading some cards. According to Gotta Be Mobile, Elite barbarians have now increased its hit points by 19 percent, its damage has improved to 14 percent and its hit speed is faster by 0.1 seconds.

The Tornado has a stronger pull by 10 percent. Inferno Dragon is five percent more powerful and can re-target quicker by 0.4 seconds. Balloon card has 105 percent death damage and a wider explosion range by 50 percent.

Wizard can attack faster by 1.4 seconds and its initial attack is slower by 0.2 seconds. Giant Skeleton card is now stronger by eight percent. Lumberjack has increased hit points by six percent. The Bomber's damage is increased by four percent.

The Boulder explosion radius of Mortar has upgraded by 11 percent and the level eight Mirror will produce +1 cards again. The players must keep in mind that these cards will be more powerful than before especially the Elite Barbarians.

Other Features In Clash Royale

As per iDigital Times, Clash Royale will have a new friendly battle called Crown Duel Challenge today, Dec. 16. The first try in the match will be free and the succeeding games will cost five gems. The players can claim a chest reward by building a deck with four cards of the players' choosing and four cards that will be given by their opponent.

The Epic card requests and donations will be held every Sunday. The cards will be cheaper and Epic Chests will give out more cards based on the arena where the players are in. Starting Jan. 13, four new cards will be released every two weeks.

Clash Royale fans are starting to maximize the new update for this month. Supercell is making sure that the players can now have more cards to choose from. Hopefully, the second update will bring a whole new game experience.

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