What Can Players Expect From Overwatch Next Year?

There are rumors that Overwatch next year will be bigger and better. The developer will bring cooler features that will make the game more exciting than before. Right now, the players should settle with the Christmas-themed event in the game. 

Blizzard To Bring New Characters And Maps In Overwatch?

Players believe that Blizzard will bring new characters in Overwatch. According to PC Gamer, players want Blizzard to continue the perfect formula it has formed in order to create a perfect game. They want the developer to release new characters in the game just what it did in League of Legends.

The players noticed that Overwatch starts to lose its uniqueness when Blizzard decided not to release any new heroes in the game. That is the main reason why they believe that the game will have new characters because the old characters in the game started to have some problems. One such example is that Zarya's charge is becoming more insignificant than before.

However, players should wait for the official announcement from the developer if there will be new characters in the game. Also, Overwatch players are happy that Blizzard will add a new map and will be called Ecopoint: Antartica.  

Players Are Asking For New Features That Blizzard Can Add In Overwatch

It seems that players want new modes in Overwatch. They think that the game lacks new quests that can challenge them. They also want newer weapons' skins even if Blizzard has brought them before for the golden weapons.

Symmetra was the first character in Overwatch to have two abilities. Players were ecstatic when Blizzard finally decided to tweak the character. They are hoping that the other characters will have two abilities also. Lastly, players want the developer to create a better gameplay for Overwatch.

Overwatch players are not happy with what Blizzard has brought to them this month. Hopefully, the developer will listen to the problems and requests of its fans so it will not lose loyal gamers that are hooked with the game.

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