The Walking Dead Season 3: Telltale Games Guide: How To Import Your Previous Saves

The fans who are using PS3 and Xbox 360 will not be needing this guide because The Walking Dead Season 3 is only for new generation consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One. But if the players have access to old and new gen platforms, they can import their previous saves easily.

The players need to follow three steps in order to transfer their old files from TWD Season 2 to TWD Season 3 in the same consoles. First, they have to upload their files to their Telltale account. Next, they must log in to the website and choose the files they wish to use in the upcoming game, according to Game Zone.

But if the players has thrown their old generation consoles away, they can still bring back their saved files of TWD Season 2 on Episodes menu. As per Gameranx, the steps are easy as pie. They should select Continue Your Story and choose Recreate in order to remake the files.

If the players have different consoles, the importing of files from TWD Season 2 will be longer than transferring saves from the same platforms. First, they need to log in on Telltale and download the latest update.

Next, they have to select the Save Files on the Menu. The players need to choose the files they wish to upload. Only a single file can be uploaded. After that, the players need to go to and look for the device wherein they have uploaded their files and click Use Save.

The next step is to access TWD Season 3 in their new consoles and log in to Telltale again. Players can now go to the main menu and click Extras, Import Save File From Telltale Account before they can select Import. If they will succeed, they need to go to Episodes, Continue Your Story then Import Telltale Save.

Players are waiting for the release of TWD Season 3 and they really want to see how Clem and the other survivors have been since TWD Season 2. Hopefully, they can import their files successfully so they can still play their older files when they are not doing anything.

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