Planet Coaster Winter Update Arrives; Take A Look At All The New Free Content

Planet Coaster has just received its free Winter Update, shocking many fans. The game was just released on Nov. 17, so having loads of new content this early is a pleasant surprise. Frontier Developments launching it for free is icing on the cake. Here are the new additions to the theme park simulation game.

Planet Coaster Winter Update Brings New Rides

According to Frontier's announcement on the Planet Coaster forums, the Winter Update brings two new rides: the Collider and Bumpin Derby. The former garnered 41.57 percent of the total votes in the previous polls, making it the winning entry.

The Collider is described as a ferris wheel with 20 retro sci-fi gondolas, only that it rotates in a horizontal direction. Bumpin Derby, on the other hand, is the Planet Coaster equivalent of bumper cars. There is also the newest Sleigh Ride and Iron Horse if players prefer a more relaxed experience.

Planet Coaster Winter Update Has 'Festive Treats'

In line with the Holiday season, Planet Coaster updates its surroundings to implement a festive Winter theme. Snow is now ever-present in the players' parks that covers some areas and objects. Fans can turn it up a notch and place a Christmas tree or caroling choir in their park.

The latest update also brings the Snow/Ice Biome in Challenge or Sandbox mode and a Gingerbread wall set to bring out the players' creativity. The Festive King Coaster has also been added to the Entertainer Family.

Other Inclusions Of The Planet Coaster Winter Update

Players can now also access new shops such as the Cosmic Cow Ice Scream stall, Gulpee Soda, Missy Good, Pipshot and Pizza Pen. There are new Coaster blueprints as well such as the Screamer, Lycanthrope, The Hunt, Frenzy and Trailer Blazer.

Some management improvements are also brought over along with three new scenarios. Apart from all these features, players can also expect stability improvements and bug fixes. A full breakdown of the Planet Coaster Winter update can be found here.

Meanwhile, a 24-hour charity livestream has also been announced. Interested donors can watch it live on Dec. 19 12 nn GMT or 7 a.m. EST. All funds will go to the SpecialEffect Charity, as per PCGamer. They will also be entitled to participate in the draw for both Planet Coaster and Elite: Dangerous goodies.

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