Pokemon GO Pokestops Increasing To Encourage Players To Go Out And Walk?

By Nick Halden , Dec 17, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Pokemon GO Pokestops as well as Pokemon are reportedly increasing in both the countryside and cities. The increase can be seen as a way to encourage players to go out and walk this winter.

Niantic Tweets Trainers

Mobile game developer Niantic recently tweeted it's "observation" that the number of Pokemon have increased both in the cities and countryside. The announcement was made after the recent re-introduction of the game's tracker and sighting option. Many rural trainers hope that the game's anticipated tracker will help them catch more Pokemon. This latest update though is probably more effective than the new sighting feature. It also seems the developer is hoping to lure players to come out and continue hunting Pokemon in open. The success of this strategy though will depend on two things.

Trainers Feel The Winter Chill

First, Pokemon GO players should be willing to go out at a time like this one. The weather in places like the United States is getting colder as winter sets in. The second obstacle is the of course, the weather. Winter can be a harsh climate that can dampen the enthusiasm of even the most avid Pokemon GO player.

Starbuck and Sprint as PokeStops

Niantic has apparently made a compromise by converting various commercial establishments such as Starbucks and Sprints into Pokemon GO PokeStops. This will allow players to replenish their supplies and catch Pokemon at the same time. Trainers can also rest and warm themselves in these sanctuaries before resuming their hunt outside.

More businesses such as restaurants and retail outlets are expected or rumored to sign up with Niantic. Hopefully, Pokemon GO players will have more than enough PokeStops to go to whether in urban or rural areas.

Second-Gen Pokemon Eggs

Niantic's recent introduction of the second-gen Pokemon will require a lot of walking. These latest additions are only available in their egg form. This means that players will need to walk before they could be hatched.

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