Final Fantasy XV Free DLC Pack Includes Command Booster, A Free Carnival Ticket And More

Final Fantasy XV is also getting into the spirit of the holiday season and will be rewarding its fans with a free DLC this month. This was already confirmed by Square Enix in an official announcement. The DLC contains some interesting features, such as the command booster and a free carnival ticket.

Square Enix announced that it will be releasing a free DLC that will start rolling on December 22. The DLC has two versions - the Holiday Pack and the Holiday Pack Plus. The Holiday Pack is available to those who purchased the game on Xbox and PS4. On the other hand, the Holiday pack Plus is for those who have the Season Pass.

Although there are some differences between the two DLCs, both of them will contain the new feature New Game Plus mode, which allows players to carry their saved data from a completed playthrough to a new one.

Both packs will also have free Carnival tickets which will give players access to the upcoming Moogie Chocobo event in January. They also contain some new outfits for Noctis. Below are the details for both packs.

The Holiday Pack contains the Level Stopper, a Mog-Choco T-shirt for Noctis, and the Annihilation Victory Song. Meanwhile, the Holiday Pack Plus contains the Protection Ring, a Command and Phantom Booster for Noctis, Instant Kill Victory song, Battle Skill Victory song, and the Key of Fortune.

Other additions will be exclusively for Noctis, such as the Stamina Anchor and the Carnival Style. There will also be a photo frame which will be available in the January update.

Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata also said that there will be some enhancements coming to Chapter 13 of the game as well as some buffs to the ring magics, and more to "enrich certain aspects of the game."

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