Xbox One News and Latest Updates: New Update Increases Download Speed By Up To 80 percent

Microsoft released a new update that will give the Xbox One up to 80 percent boost in its download speed. This basically means the gaming console will download faster than ever.

The Xbox One 10.0.14393.2152 update is available for all users of the console. The actual speed boost will depend on the internet connection of the user.

 IBTimes reported that the 80 percent improvement is only possible if there is internet connection that is faster than the 100Mbps threshold. Only a 40 percent speed boost could be attained with a slow connection (below 100Mbps) but the boost is still useful to gamers.

Tech Times indicated that the speed increase will also depend on whether the owner is using the Xbox One. If a game is in progress, the system will focus on game play instead of the download. This means the supposed faster download speed will slow down a bit. Still, the result is an improvement from the previous download speed.

The new update also has an energy-saving mode which lessens energy consumption as the downloads and updates are processed. This is possible when the console is manually turned on unlike when it is in instant-on mode.

Because downloads only take a while to finish because of the speed boost, users don't need to put the console in instant-on mode thus saving energy and lowering the power bill.

Aside from the increase in speed and lower power bill, Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One will get better wireless controllers thanks to the software update, as well.

Back in October, Microsoft's most popular gaming console also received some improvements with its sound system. Both the Xbox and Xbox One S were given Dolby Atmos audio support.

All these improvements on the Xbox One make the rivalry with Sony's PlayStation consoles much more intense. A study done by IHS Markit revealed that the Xbox One has traditionally beaten PlayStation in terms of download speed. This new update only cements that fact.

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