People Now Look At Trump Over Mars Project

Mars has been in the news recently. Great interest on it has been given in part because of the number of organizations that are looking forward to having manned missions there. As a new US administration comes in, people now look at Trump over the Mars project.

NASA has so many plans for Mars. Currently, it has the Curiosity mission ongoing. The agency is looking forward to having manned missions to Mars by 2030. Other organizations as well are looking to have manned missions to Mars.

With Donald Trump willing the US elections recently, one of the concerns of many people is about the manned Mars mission. For now many are still waiting on what his plans would be about it, and about any space missions in general. However, there are signs that he might want to continue it.

During the campaign Trump has said in Florida that NASA should be free from being a logistics agency for low-Earth activities. Trump did not discuss the details as to what he meant by it, though it could mean that he wants to see NASA have a bigger program than just low-Earth activities. That could be inferred on what he said in other places.

In Stanford, he has that NASA will have a greater role in space exploration, according to Phys Org. While there he has also said that America will lead the way into reaching the stars, which is a clear indication that there might be bigger things in store for NASA. That is what people hope for as NASA prepares to have manned Mars missions.

The Obama Administration has already laid the groundwork for NASA's Mars missions. The goal would be to have a settlement there. This is the same goal by some private organizations such as SpaceX and the Mars One project. Among them though NASA has the most experience in space travel as well as much resources for it. Continued support from the Trump administration would ensure that a trip to Mars would become more feasible as 2030 nears.

For years after the Cold War, there is much international cooperation in space exploration. Trips to the International Space Station have been done both by NASA and Russia. Russia has been active in sending people to the ISS. Many see that Trump is more open to cooperation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the Daily Mail reports. This might also extend to having international cooperation in space.

As a new administration takes over, many are waiting on what will happen to the US space program. People now look at Trump over the Mars project. While people await Trump's decision, the Mars One project has been delayed in Europe.

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