'NCIS' Season 14, Episode 11 Spoilers: Qasim Returns As Bishop's Boyfriend; Reeves Goes Undercover

"NCIS" season 14 aired its last episode this year but the series teased fans with information on what will happen as it comes back in January. The agents will pursue a businessman who uses terrorism to earn money in "NCIS" season 14, episode 11. Meanwhile, Eleonor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) will be reunited with his boyfriend, Qasim Nassir (Rafi Silver).

"NCIS" season 14, episode 10 titled "The Tie That Binds" gave fans a trip down the memory lane thanks to Young Ducky (Adam Campbell) as the agents encountered a case which linked to the death of his mother years ago. Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) also had a guest appearance in celebration for Christmas. However, the holiday mood is over as the agents go back with a big operation in the upcoming episode.

The official synopsis for "NCIS" season 14, episode 11 reveals Reeves will go undercover to apprehend a businessman who uses acts of terror to control the stock market. Unfortunately, the operation will be compromised and the NCIS agents will have to find new leads to pursue the case.

Qasim will be helping Eleonor to find a break on the new case. Qasim is the brother of the deceased terrorist, Rasheed Naasir. He was first introduced in "NCIS" season 12, episode 21 and now he works as a translator for the NCIS. In the Thanksgiving episode of "NCIS" season 14, titled "Enemy Combatant," it was revealed that Eleonor and Qasim are currently dating.

On the other hand, "NCIS" season 14 had another decrease in ratings amid cancelation rumors. Episode 10 recorded 14.47 million viewers in the U.S. from 14.68 in episode 9.

"NCIS" season 14, episode 11 titled "Willoughby" is penned by Gina Lucita Monreal and directed by Tony Wharmby. The episode will air on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.


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