'Big Bang Theory' Season 11 News Update: Goodbye To Jim Parsons, Hello To A New Lead Star?

Big Bang Theory has been a huge success ever since its first premiere in the small screen. The series had already made an impact in the lives of the people watching it from different parts of the world. Some believed that the secret of the show's success is because of its lead star, Jim Parson. However, many rumours told that Parson is not going back anymore, what happens to 'Big Bang Theory' then?

Big Bang Theory Season 11 Star Jim Parsons Ready To Leave The Show, Will Season 11 Continue?

According to Movie News Guide, 'Big Bang Theory' has already made ten seasons. And with all of this, failure has never been a word in the show. Jim Parsons, its lead star, where believed to be one of the most obvious reasons why the show is earning fame and success today. Parsons was even tagged to be the highest paid actor on television because of this.

Reports told that the Jim is already juggling with different work commitments and hectic schedules. Thus, he decided to throw off some balls and continue juggling with the things that are high in priority and urgency. Thus, the actor decided to leave 'The Big Bang Theory' and allegedly focus on making films.

As a matter of fact, he has one movie coming up this Christmas entitled 'Hidden Figures'. The story would revolve around a head engineer, named Paul Stafford, in the Space Task Group at NASA. Not just that, he will also star in an upcoming movie with Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo entitled 'The Normal Heart'

Jim Parsons Leaving The Show Because Of Salary Issues, Will He Continue Being Sheldon Cooper For Season 11?

Sources stated that Jim Parsons are still on the verge of deciding whether to let go of 'The Big Bang Theory' or not. Some admitted that this might be the last season for him as his contract will soon expire. Furthermore, fans also look at the angle of contract price regarding the decision of Jim.

In a news report, it was told that Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are already getting $1 million per episode of the show, with the rest earning lower than that.

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