Let's Look Back And Celebrate The Top 4 TV Shows Of 2016

We live in an age of "Peak TV" where new shows can mushroom overnight. In fact, US is producing double in terms of TV series than it did 10 years ago. With this trend, it is hard to keep up with everything we see on TV.

2016 has showed us, however, how much more exciting the industry can get. As we end the year, let us look back and give recognition to the shows that prove to be worthy of praise. The competition is stiff but the ingenuity of its art is notably revolutionary for those who posses it.

Below is a list of the Top 4 TV Shows for 2016 that have proven to be the best among the best.

4. The Crown

This Netflix Original has taken our breaths away. It has packaged itself in its grandest and best forms. It journeys its viewers along the histories of the House of Windsor while highlighting the themes of honour, duty and familial responsibility.

3. Stranger Things

Another Netflix Original, this series delights in feeding the whims of the millennials.

Its creators, the Duff brothers, tells us of a tale of a group of kids the fights darkness as portrayed by heart-warming characters.

2. Westworld

This HBO Original has commonly been described a "maddening". It is depicted as a Runner-meets-Deadwood reboot of the Yul Bunner flick in 1973 written and directed by Michael Crichton.

1. The Night Of

This HBO series is an adaptation of the BBC's BAFTA and Emmy award-winning Criminal Justice.

The Night Of--a material whose elements and execution have made it possible to land at the top of our list.

The first episode depicts Nasir "Naz" Khan (Riz Ahmed) taking his father's cab without permission to go to a party. Naz is a Pakistani-American student living in Queens.

A woman suddenly jumps in. Naz drove her around and ended up at her flat in the Upper West- with both being high on drugs and sex.

Naz wakes up and found the woman stabbed to death. He panics and leaves the scene. Naz was however arrested for a driving offence during his escape.

A knife was found in Naz's pocket and it matched the suspected murder weapon. Naz was interrogated by detective Dennis Box (Bill Camp) who believes Naz did the crime. Criminal lawyer John Stone (John Turturro) initiated to represent Naz in the case.

The complex drama revolves around the casting of these four men whose very character contributes to the very success of The Night Of.

The message of this material is clear: we should treat every person with dignity, respect and humanity; lest we are responsible for the person they will become. We should not allow the system to create monsters in us if it vows to protects us.

The year 2016 isn't over yet. We still have time to catch up on some of the TV shows we have yet to discover and see. And in the middle of all this, we are able to pick out those elements and stories that will help us identify our personal best.

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