iPhone 8 Newest Rumors: Apple´s OLED Flagship Would Feature A New Touch-Sensitive Technology

News about the highly-anticipated iPhone 8 keeps coming because of the remarkable downpour of rumors surrounding Apple's upcoming flagship, and this time it has been shared that Apple´s next flagship will probably come with a new touch-sensitive technology. Naturally, we´re talking about a feature that will make this smartphone something that could even excel the expectations of customers and Apple lovers.

The New Touch-Sensitive Technology Would Make The iPhone 8 A True Glory

According to Mac Rumors, the new touch-sensitive technology will make the iPhone 8 a device that will respond when the user touches any side of it, which is something so incredible that could possibly become another controversial innovation from Apple with its products. Only that this feature that the iPhone 8 would wear looks like it could be a huge success.

As it was reported in a previous article Apple have done this kind of things with its devices many times, like the touchscreen on the first iPhone or even the controversial Touch Bar that have added to the MacBook Pro. Of course, some innovations have ended up being a huge fiasco like the hockey puck mouse, but the touch-sensitive technology could actually be a guaranteed success if the company finally decides to use it.

The iPhone 8 Could Imitate the Galaxy S7

According to WCCFTech, newest rumors also suggest that the iPhone 8 would be equipped with a high-end curved OLED screen instead of the flat-screen panel that previous rumors indicated. Naturally, this means that in addition to the incredible features that this flagship will have, Apple is betting everything in excel the quality of the innards and exterior of the mobile device, in order to offer the customers something truly special in the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone.

Also, it has been knowing that in addition to the new touch-sensitive technology and the high-end curved OLED screen, the iPhone 8 could practically imitate the Galaxy S7 and wear a curved display. Of course, this is just the newest rumors and some of these may not happen. 

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