Elon Musk 'Digging' Into The Traffic Problem

Who's not tired of getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic situations? Elon Musk certainly is.

In a series of tweets, the Tesla head honcho took a dig at the worsening traffic congestion by saying that he's going to get to the bottom of the problem by going underground, literally.

"Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging..."

Musk's first tweets could easily be dismissed as a joke emanating from a deep feeling of despair especially after he said that he'd call the supposed new endeavor as "The Boring Company" with a possible tagline of "Boring, it's what we do". But he followed those up with another tweet that said, "I am actually going to do this".

Musk also changed his Twitter bio to "Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnels (yes, tunnels) & OpenAI".

Musk and his company is no stranger to doing strange things. He's behind some of the world's out-of-this-world technologies. Some of which were mere sci-fi ideas back then which his company turned into reality.

He introduced the first semi-autonomous car into the market in 2015 with the Tesla Model S after the idea was initially conceptualized in the 1920's. Musk also dreams of advanced space explorations and the possibility of living on other planets through his SpaceX company. The Hyperloop One is another of Elon's pet projects which may also help deal with traffic congestion by transporting people and goods at a speed of 700 miles per hour.

Tech Crunch indicated that a Twitter rant or a "juvenile response" to traffic is fairly common and many people have proposed solutions that are logical or downright crazy. But when an Elon Musk rants about digging underground to get through traffic, there is some kind of "genuine thought into [tunnel boring machine] from a feasibility perspective".

Digital Trends put its two cents into the matter by saying that, "digging a bunch of tunnels does hold the prospect of adding additional lanes to urban areas".

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