Battlefield 1 Scout Guide: How To Use The Terrain Effectively

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In Battlefield 1, each class has their own roles to play. And by doing so, a team has a greater chance of winning matches. For Scouts, the job is even more important. They have an essential role to play in the game. This is exactly by way of using the terrain (and other locations) to snipe and kill enemies effectively. But of course, it's not always moonlight and roses -- the task is definitely a hard one to chew. With that being said, here's a guide that can effectively help you get through it.

Have Concrete Knowledge About The Map

What most players don't understand is that knowing every corner of a map actually presents great benefits. As a Scout, players need to do this even more. They have to know exactly where players might go or come from. They must simply anticipate every possible location where the opposing team will take advantage. That way, they can just put a bullet on their heads. Hence the class' role is just so vital in the game. Obviously, the higher ground is an appropriate place to do some sniping jobs.

Be Covert Always

Of course, being covert is what Scouts should always be in Battlefield 1. Players don't necessarily have to move around, going from Point A to Point B. As much as possible, stay on one point and do the task there. Otherwise, the enemy team will just be alerted and will know exactly where you are located. Remember: Scouts' scope reflects light, thus moving around is like signaling the enemy team where the exact location is.

If moving is really required, you can do this without the need for aiming. This one will mean increasing the accuracy, though. Because seriously, once a single shot is missed, it's possible for no other opportunity to arrive. So, when the chance to knock out an enemy arrives, take it. Do it efficiently, though.

Have A Good Escape Route

Looking for an effective position in Battlefield 1 is quite difficult. And yes, the same can be applied when planning for an escape route. Nonetheless, the latter is still important. So before occupying a certain location, know where the escape ways are. That way, whenever enemies try to put up a fight, you know exactly where to get out. This will definitely help you big time.

Sidearms Is Actually Effective

What most players also don't understand is that sidearms are there for a purpose. Remember that whenever you carry a sniper rifle, you're not allowed to utilize it while moving. But hey, this is where sidearms will be very helpful. Have a good pistol to switch will help you move in and out of a fight. For instance, an enemy team is trying to hit you from the back, the pistol will give you enough leverage to fight back. It's also an effective means for surviving close combats. (You can't simply use your sniper rifle here, right?).

What are your thoughts on this Battlefield 1 guide to Scouts? Any other tips you can share to us? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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