Apple's iPhone 8 Stylus Pencil Could Be One Of Its Featured Specs

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, stated in an interview that Apple is currently investigating the possibility of utilizing the Apple Pencil Stylus in the future editions of the iPhone series. As a gift to all the fans, on the 10th year iPhone anniversary, Apple's new smartphone will have an edge-to-edge glass design, Touch ID embedded in the display, a curved OLED screen and possibly support for the Apple Pencil Stylus.

Apple's iPhone 8 Stylus Pencil

According to Phone Arena, it appears to be that Apple is taking seriously the idea of having the Apple Pencil Stylus work on the smartphones they will release next year. If not all of next year's models, at least on the iPhone 8. A distinct application called "Devices and Methods for Manipulating User Interfaces with a Stylus" was filed and released with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It is said to be the continuation of the earlier patent filings made by Apple in June and September of last year.

The USPTO documentation discusses sensors that would allow a special menu for the Apple Stylus to appear on the device's screen as it moves closer to it. The stylus could also open certain apps even the iPhone is on the lock screen. In terms of its use as the writing tool, users will be able to draw, write text, trace photos, and doodle.

Apple will launch a direct competitor for the Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup if ever they will push through with the pencil stylus. The Note is favored among a lot of users for its stylus added functionality, and similar features on the iPhone should entice a lot of users towards iPhone, as per WCCFTech. With the Note 7’s recent failures, the time is ripe for Apple to enter the phablet lineup.

Tim Cook Speaks On Apple Pencil

“If you’ve ever seen what can be created on an iPhone or an iPad with that pencil, it’s really unbelievable,” the Apple CEO said in an interview. According to Value Walk, Cook went on to clear the way for the Apple Pencil to be part of the iPhone 8. Coupled with a recently published patent from Apple, the comments of this key figure at the consumer electronics giant indicates that an iPhone Apple Pencil will happen sooner rather than later.


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