Overwatch News: Fans Are Frustrated Over The Unfixed SR Glitch

Season 3 was met with mixed criticisms especially with the incorporation of the new SR system which separates some players from their friends' tier despite playing together during their entire placement matches. But it doesn't end there as a recurring glitch in the rank matches led to further disappointment and frustration. Here's why.

Overwatch SR Glitch

In the current Overwatch SR system, you can no longer play with your friends that have 500 SR higher or lower than yours. Although this was intended to prevent boosting in competitive games, it also led to frustration to some players especially when they wanted to simply have fun with the squad.

What's even more frustrating is the current unfixed glitch where queuing Solo will sometimes seed you with players way below the SR limit. On a Reddit thread, players expressed their dismay over the unresolved SR system glitch which sometimes seeds them to players that are way passed the ±500 SR limit.

As of the time of this writing, Blizzard has yet to fix the issue despite the trending threads on their official discussion page. Some players even dreaded that the fix won't come anytime soon as we may expect the next update to come until the early of 2017.

Possible Solution

Meanwhile, fans have expressed some ideas on how Blizzard can augment the current issue and one of the possible solutions is by incorporating the rank system of League of Legends wherein the system uses a weighted average on all members of the stack and then add a significant amount to the average then paired them to a stack equivalent to that value.

In this way, playing with your friends that have way higher or lower SR than you do is made possible but it also came with a price as you'll be seeded with a stack that has, theoretically, higher SR in average than your stack. This would make smurfing/boosting a lot harder.

What do you think of the new SR System? Do you think it needs a revamp? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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