Super Mario Run Guide: How To Fix No Sound Issue?

Super Mario Run has been an instant hit the moment it officially entered the store. Critics considered the game as one of the best mobile games. Currently, the game is available on iOS while Android users would be waiting until next year for the release of their own version.

According to the report from The BitBag, the game is arguably great in all areas, however, not everything went smoothly in the Kingdom of Princess Peach, it seems like Super Mario Run suffers from the lack of any type of audio in the game. Several players reported that there are no music nor sound effects present in the game which eventually made them feel a little bit anxious.

Based on the report from Wojdyl Social Media, the reported no sound issue is only present on older version of iPhones while the game works perfectly on iPhone 7. This is based on the people complaining about the game issue having an iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Normally, fans would not mock at these iPhone models since they are still able to play music and majority of the games. However, it seems like Nintendo's first mobile effort is not one of them.

Apparently, the game can still be played smoothly but with no music at all is a bit sad. Unfortunately, fans will just have to wait for a Super Mario Run update to be issued by Nintendo regarding this matter. As of this writing, there are no reported solutions for this current problem faced by the game. Fans have tried several ways such as turning off the phone, uninstalling and re-installing the app, however, none of these seems to be working.

Meanwhile, Super Mario Run is now available for iOS devices noting that iPhone 7 users will be having no problems playing the game. In addition, the first three levels are free while purchasing the full version will cost you for $9.99.


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