GTA 5 Online Import/Export Secrets And Hidden Features You Need To Know

GTA 5 Online's Import/Export is one of the hottest DLCs introduced by Rockstar Games so far. The DLC received good feedbacks from the fans. There are secrets and hidden features that players should watch out for while becoming a rich criminal in the game.

First, the players need to know that the Runner 2000 is can be used as a missile launcher when airlifted by a Cargobob. In GTA 5 Online, the combo is even deadly when the car is up in the air. The Rocket Voltic is also another car that can be lifted up in the air.

According to International Business Times, once a player has a scheduled delivery, he will receive a confirmation message from his mechanic. The mechanic will confirm that the delivery was a success and delivered exactly where the player wants to receive his car.

In GTA 5 Online, the players can steal anyone's car even when he is playing in passive mode. However, the players must keep in mind that they need to guard their garage just to make sure no one will be stealing their vehicles.

If the player has many special vehicles he wishes to store in his garage, he must know that Rockstar Games has assigned a specific number of high-end vehicles that any player can put inside his garage. But there is a secret that players can do if he needs more space for his CEO Warehouse extensions.

He can store up to 40 vehicles anywhere in his garages in an Undergroud Storage Facility on the widespread of Los Santos. He can access it on his SecuroServ App in his desktop computer. His secretary will give him the instructions he needs to do.

Lastly, players have the chance to earn as much as $1,250,000 in-game bonuses in GTA 5 Online. Rockstar will reward this big amount of money in the game to players who make special purchases in PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Players are excited with what Rockstar Games has added on GTA 5 Online. They are focused on being the most popular and richest CEO in the latest DLC Import/Export in the game. Hopefully, these secrets will help them figure out what they need to do to succeed.

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