NBA Trade Update: Big Names On The Move, Paul George, Hassan Whiteside, Nerlens Noel And Others On Trading Block

NBA Trade Rumors EXPOSED
NBA Trade Rumors EXPOSED Photo : SlamDunk Comedy / YouTube

We are almost halfway the NBA season and teams are already making a move. Some of the players voiced out their current situation and they are visibly not happy with their current team.

Being traded is never easy, there are tons of adjustments you have to make and there’s no guarantee if you’ll stay in the same place. NBA trade block has already started and there are big names that we have to watch out. Most of these players are traded not because they are not contributing but management felt they are not good enough. Some of the players however, request for a trade for personal reasons and issues, like Nerlens Noel.

Franchise Player On The Move

Although the Indiana Pacers are back in their winning ways, I don’t see them as a threat against the defending champions, Cleveland Cavaliers. They might have added Thaddeus Young and All Star Jeff Teague to boost their line up but it is still not enough. Paul George tries his best night in and night out but they are not getting the results they wanted. That’s when the trade talks started. Remember when Paul George was involved in a three way deal with New York Knicks and Boston Celtics? Well, that might happen as per our insider.

Hassan Whiteside And Miami Heat Are Getting Cold

It was about two years ago when Hassan Whiteside was only trying to make his ratings higher in NBA 2K. Right now, he is the highest paid Heat player on the roster. Hassan Whiteside’s journey to stardom was never easy. He suffered a lot of setbacks and rejection but he continued to pursue his dreams. He is a double double machine and a monster on the block. He might have develop some offensive skills but I see him as a defensive player. He can intimidate anybody who tries to pass the paint. Unfortunately, Hassan is not happy with the win-loss record of Miami and was reported that he is open for trade.

Nerlens Noel Doesn’t Trust The Process

I’m a big fan of Nerlens Noel since he was in college. He showed a lot of potential and he was already compared to the recently retired, former MVP, and NBA Champion, Kevin Garnett. Nerlens Noel is a versatile big man and can run like a deer. He already showed a glimpse of his talents during his 1st year. Many of us were excited to see that even when he got injured, he is still capable in delivering respectable numbers. Then here comes Joel Embiid. No disrespect to Embiid but when he returned due to a season ending injury, Nerlens Noel was affected. His numbers and minutes were down and he let the management know it.

Klay Thompson Wants To Have More Touches

This has been an ongoing subject since the season started. With the addition of former MVP Kevin Durant on their team, it was expected that the Golden State Warriors needs to adjust as soon as possible. With that said, their offense will run to 3 prolific scorers namely Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. Klay was receiving few touches in the earlier games and he was visibly piss about it. However, Steve Kerr debunked the rumors that Klay wants to be traded.

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