CeeLo Green 'Ok' After His Samsung Phone Exploded, Will Sue The Company?

Yesterday, we saw a video of CeeLo Green talking on the phone in the studio and his phone suddenly exploded. The video was then shared through numerous sites and his fans couldn’t on what had happened.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

When the phone was released by Samsung, it was tagged as the phone of the year due to its cutting edge technology. Samsung has the reputation to one up its competition specifically iPhone. When they showcased the Galaxy Note 7 to the public, it was surreal as they were able to fulfill their promise. However, there was a big problem with their new creation, Galaxy Note 7 has the tendency to explode.

During the initial reports of the explosion, Samsung tried to deny the allegations. But over the past weeks since they released the phone, there are countless reports about the phone exploding for unknown reason. There are numerous videos released on the internet showing that Galaxy Note 7 does explode regardless if you are just charging it, texting or plainly watching.

CeeLo Green Staged The Phone Explosion?

As mentioned on top, CeeLo Green’s Galaxy Note 7 phone exploded while he was talking over the phone. The talented rapper and producer formerly known as Gnarls Barkley fall flat to the floor when the phone exploded. Right after the explosion, the video just ended and the fans were worried about his situation. However, I knew already that it was staged due to, first, Samsung already released a statement that Galaxy Note 7 is indeed defective. Second, he made sure that no one is around when the explosion happened.

CeeLo Green then took it to social media and clarify what had happened. "I just wanna let everybody know that I am alive. I am well. I just wanna let everybody know that I am alive. I am well. Truthfully, I'm really upset that anybody had to be emotionally disturbed by what they saw today.It's supposed to set up the new character identity, you know what I'm saying, I just want to thank everybody for their love and support and concern” Green said. "A very difficult day dealing with everything," he ended.

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