Here Are The Games That Made The Best History In 2016

Here Are The Games That Made The Best History In 2016
Overwatch made it on the list of the games that made history this 2016. Photo : ZybakTV/YouTube

The year is almost over and we look back at the games that made the best history this 2016. Some of these titles made us more aggressive to fight. Some made us wait too long - like 10 years long - but made the wait worth it. Some are easy to learn and yet have the most challenging gameplay. If you want to experience all these things and more, then read on as we list down the best games in the history of 2016.

Battlefield 1

Of course, Battlefield 1 makes it to the most historic games of 2016. Not all people appreciate throw-back titles like Battlefield 1 with its World War I setting. But what makes BF1 one of the best games there is is that it's realistic and intuitive. Even the glitches make the game even better instead of worse. If you really want to feel like you're in the middle of a battlefield fighting for your dear life, then Battlefield 1 is the game for you.

Civilization VI

Set in 2217, which is like 200 years from now, Civilization VI is the ultimate strategy game that will require you to build your own civilization and strengthen it. Among the series, Civ 6 takes civilization building to world domination in a new level. Civilization VI also looks familiar but the bold improvements made this game better and smarter for gamers. Civ 6 has everything from archeology to espionage to science to culture and religion. In short, it's an awesome play that you should not miss out if you are in dire need of "victory."


DOOM 2016 is definitely a hell of a game. It's intense, bloody, gory and will leave you right on the edge of your seat with its fast-paced action. The variety of weapons you can use in DOOM are a big plus, too. Kudos to Id Software because they created a game that will not bore you even if you've been playing long into it with different game modes using snap maps and multiplayer.

Final Fantasy XV

Fans of the Final Fantasy series may have patience as their strongest suit. Final Fantasy XV took almost a decade in the making and it's a game that proved to be worth the long wait. Some fans may not like its Chapter 13 too much but it's one of the best titles in the franchise next to Final Fantasy VII. Besides, FFXV met expectations and its huge fanbase is proof enough that Square Enix did well with providing players with another fulfilling RPG.


Right on our list is Game Awards' Game of the Year, Overwatch. This one title from Blizzard Entertainment is hands down a masterpiece. It's also easy to learn and fun with lots of gameplay and heroes to choose from. Overwatch is the kind of game that will not leave you frustrated and caters to your playstyle whether you'd like to become a sniper, kill enemies with music beats or freeze them.

Pokemon GO

This list will not be complete without the iconic Pokemon GO. Nintendo and Niantic's partnership to create a universe filled with cute creature and using augmented reality on smartphones have been a big hit among gamers. Once it released last summer, the whole world was either playing Pokemon GO or talking about it. It's this game that made people more social and public places became play areas to catch Pokemon. Talk about a phenomenal craze and you'll have Pokemon GO on the list.

That Dragon, Cancer

If you are looking for a game that makes an impact - especially emotionally - That Dragon, Cancer is the title for you. Compared to other titles, That Dragon, Cancer is inspired by real life when Ryan Green's son died from cancer. According to Green, some games makes us confront ourselves by offering difficult perspectives that allows us to see who we are and whatever we are meant to be. Our take? That Dragon, Cancer will move you to the core and leave you looking at life differently.

Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is part of an epic franchise that is just one of the best games ever - since the first title release in 2007. But speaking about Uncharted 4, you will enjoy the title's linear narrative done beautifully. The graphics are top-notch. More than that, you get to be Nathan Drake and play all those thrilling adventures. Uncharted 4 also proved one important thing: linear games are still the boss when it comes to gaming.

So what do you think of our list? Can you still think of other titles which changed the history of the gaming industry this 2016? Share with us your thoughts on the comments section below.

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