New Ford F-Series Super Duty Brings More Sales Than Expected

The Ford F-Series is considered to be the most popular truck in the segment for quite some time and it does not appear that this is going to change any time soon. In fact, things are looking very positive as the new Ford F-Series Super Duty brings more sales than expected.

Sales Are Up

When the F-Series was launched a couple of months ago, Ford had already expected it to have a strong presence in the market. However, things are better than what the automaker expected. While the automaker did not exactly show the overall sales reports for the F-Series, it was stated that a 24 percent increase from last year's November sales has been seen and there is a 33 percent increase in terms of retails sales as reported. Accordingly, the higher trims make up the majority of the sales for the F-Series Super Duty.

Technology Makes Things Sweeter

It appears that technology is also one of the biggest factors in the high sales for the new Ford F-Series Super Duty. According to a report from Business Wire, previous versions of the F-Series Super Duty did not have features such as lane-keeping alert, adaptive steering, trailer reverse guidance, adaptive cruise control with collision mitigation and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with cross-traffic alert and trailer tow. Because of these features, owners find it easier to get jobs done particularly for those that use the truck for commercial purposes.

A Wise Move

Investing in technology has certainly been a wise move on the part of Ford Motor Co. Given its statistics in sales, the automaker's decision to incorporate more technology features in the new Ford F-Series Super Duty is certainly paying off. "Technology features in the new F-Series trucks, in particular the all-new 2017 Super Duty, are generating even greater interest. This truck is bringing a lot of new buyers out of competitive brands and into the Ford Family. Ford really knocked it out of the park with this truck's performance, options and technology offerings," said Chaz Gilmore, managing partner of Grapevine Ford Lincoln in a report.

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