How To Use Facebook's New Group Video Chat On Facebook Messenger

The new Facebook Messenger has just gotten even better. The app now features a group video chat that has just started rolling out. This feature is available on Android, iOS and also the desktop version of the Facebook Messenger.

How To Use Facebook's Group Video Chat?

It's quite simple. First, you must create a group chat at the Facebook Messenger. After forming a group chat, you will see a video camera icon on the top right of your screen. Click that icon and the Facebook Messenger app will start broadcasting your live video feed on the group.

Once you are already broadcasting your live video feed, you can also invite other people that are not included in the group chat. A "ring..." icon will be displayed on your screen right before your video goes live which will show you your friend list. Just click who you want to invite and they will get a notification.

To the users receiving the invitation, a message will pop-up on their screen (if using Android or iOS phones) from the Facebook Messenger app. They will have the option to accept and join, not accept and send a message instead, or just simply ignore.

The Bad News

Though this is a "group video chat," the Facebook Messenger app is only capable of splitting a maximum of 6 live video feeds. Meaning, the other video feeds at the group chat will not be shown on the user's screen. About if the user can handpick what video feed to view on his/her screen, the video source did not show. Perhaps in the next update, Facebook might add more features and make the Facebook Messenger app capable of splitting into more than 6 screens.

Other New Feature

There is also a new feature on the Facebook app. The new feature is called Selfie Masks which in a sense is similar to Snapchat's feature. This new feature lets the user add some stickers and cool designs on their face while taking a selfie, a picture or shooting a video.

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