‘Dragon Quest XI' Coming To PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, And Switch In 2017

It has just been confirmed that another video game installation of “Dragon Quest” is up in the works. Not only that but it will also be available for various gaming platforms. Along with the announcement, an official trailer and footage of the gameplay of the said upcoming video game have been released.

'Dragon Quest XI' Confirmed By Square Enix

Square Enix has finally confirmed that “Dragon Quest XI” is in the works and will finally be released soon. Back in January 2016, Yuji Hori, creator of the “Dragon Quest” series, had stated that the story for the said game was nearly completed and that the initial sections of the video game were playable. Come December, it seems like the storyline has been finished and that the game itself is in its completion stage.

An event called “Dragon Quest XI JF2017 Special Stage” was held recently at the Jump Festa 2017 in Tokyo and revealed that “Dragon Quest XI” will be released sometime in 2017 in Japan. Though they have yet to confirm when exactly, Square Enix has confirmed that the video game will be available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and on the Nintendo Switch, which is yet to be released in March 2017.

'Dragon Quest XI' Official Trailer

The official trailer of the video game has also been released, revealing the story of “Dragon Quest XI”, which will continue the gameplay of the previous titles in the series. Featuring the main character of the story, the unnamed young hero embarks on a quest as he reaches adulthood. Square Enix also revealed a footage of the gameplay showing fluid computer graphics animation and a vivid environment.

The young hero, along with his party member named Kamyu, will be able to encounter various enemies and meet new heroes as the story progresses. The player can also make use of his loyal steed on long journeys. The gameplay video Square Enix released showcased how the video game would look like on PlayStation 4 as well as on Nintendo 3DS.

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