How To Maintain Your Weight During Christmas Holiday Festivities

Christmas means a lot of parties, festivities and good food. However, this is also the time when most people, especially women, gain unnecessary weight from over eating. A study in the UK suggests a person eats 3000 calories more during Christmas day and gains up to 4 lbs during Christmas week. Here are some tips on how to stick to a diet and avoid overeating during the Christmas holidays.

Stick To The Three-Bite Rule

It is very necessary to put brakes on eating, but controlling what you eat is definitely a challenge in front of mouth-watering dishes. First tip is to eat slowly. When at parties find some distractions like talking more to people and socializing. Another suggestion is to stick on the three-bite rule especially for fatty foods.

Do More Exercise

Eating more can be compensated by doing more exercise. Take more walks and move around. Former professional ironwoman Jade Sutcliffe tells Herald Sun that exercise can be incorporated to social activities like taking a walk with the family or playing street football with friends.

Eat More Fat-Releasing Food

Lastly, introduce fat-releasing food to Christmas recipes. Readers' Digest listed seven food that my help release excess fats and toxins including flaxseed meal, red peppers, vinegar, quinoa, lemons, beans and cinnamon.

Carbohydrates from flaxseed meals are used for energy instead of being stored as fat. It can be added to Christmas dishes like desserts. Red peppers can help burn fat thanks to its vitamin C and capsinoids while vinegar can help in regulating blood sugar. Citrus fruits like oranges, limes and lemons are also very helpful in releasing fat.

A previous study suggests animals which were supplied with quinoa seed extract tends to have lower body fat. Quinoa is rich with vitamin E, amino acids and phytosterols which help reduce cholesterol in blood. Beans are loaded with B vitamins and protein ad fiber which are very helpful in metabolism. On the other hand, a saving grace for sweet lovers this Christmas is cinnamon. It can help moderate glucose response and blood sugar.  


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