Beans And Peas Vs Meat: Which Protein Is More Filling

The science book in grade school says that "Protein is the building blocks of life," and it is very understandable that protein is very important for our body to have. It is found in the human's cell. Humans must eat foods with a lot of protein in order for the body to repair cells and make new ones.

Beans And Peas Vs Meat: Who Turns Out To Be The Winner?

Beans and Peas are very rich in protein including zinc and iron. They are similar in meats, fishes and poultries and you can use it as alternatives. Beans and Peas are considered to be in the Vegetable Group for it is also known to have great sources of dietary fiber, and potassium. Since Beans and Peas contain plenty of high nutrients, they are very highly recommended to eat.

According to Men's Fitness, a study was conducted with 43 healthy men eating three foods that have the same amount of calories but has a different source and amount of protein. They ate different patties that have low-protein legume, high-protein legume and a high-protein meat patty. Each of them will report in the changes of their hunger before they ate and after every half hour for three hours.

In the result, eating the high-protein legume kept the men fuller longer. The ate fewer calories compared to the low-protein legume and high-protein meat.

"The protein-rich meal composed of legumes contained significantly more fiber than the protein-rich meal of pork and veal, which probably contributed to the increased feeling of satiety," lead researcher Anne Raben told Tree Hugger.

According to Raben, more studies are needed for a definitive proof. But, for now, it seems vegetable-based meals, especially those based on beans and peas, can serve as a long term basis for weight loss and as a sustainable eating habit."

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