Electric Vehicle Charging Network: More US States Team Up To Make Long Distance Travel Possible

Consumers are slowly moving into purchasing their own electric vehicle in an attempt to improve fuel economy and reduce cost. The problem, however, is that most of these electric vehicle owners are suffering from anxiety that they can only achieve a limited range of travel. Electric vehicle owners, in turn, still opt to use their petrol or diesel filled vehicles to use on long trips due to the lack of electric charging stations on the road. With the gaining popularity of environment-friendly electric vehicles, different states are considering to add charging stations in different locations to allow fast charging while on the road.

Colorado, Utah And Nevada Collaboration

The states of Colorado, Utah and Nevada will collaborate with each other to make sure that the electric vehicle owners and companies in the area will have the support they need to ensure success. The three states are planning to connect more than 2000 miles of highway by installing electric-vehicle charging stations that will cover the passageways in and between the three major states. Once completed, traveling by electric vehicle from Denver to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas will become a possibility.

Electric Cars Can Now Reach Its True Potential With The Increased Range

The state of Colorado will focus its charging stations on Interstate 70, 76 and 25. Utah will also have charging stations focused on Interstate 70, 80 and Interstate 15. And, Nevada will have the stations focused on Interstate 80 and Interstate 15 as well. Almost 8,000 electric vehicles are on the streets of Colorado alone, With the plans of connected charging stations, these electric vehicles will no longer need to be confined just in their cities, but would also be able to travel far and maximize the potential of their cars.

Executive director of Boulder-based Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, Howard Geller, said building such a network of charging stations "is critical to expanding consumer acceptance of electric vehicles. We applaud the coordinated efforts of Colorado, Utah and Nevada to move in this direction."

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